Passive Income

My first blog post! Break out your history books, internet, because today is the day you all enter my realm.

Hi! I’m Steve and my goal is to be financially secure enough to chase dreams my whole life. And as a 17 year old you may think I’m just being hopeful, a dreamer who has no idea what he’s getting into.

I think you’re wrong.

And I’m enlisting you to prove me right! My goal is to use this website to spread my ideas about finance and I’m aggressively seeking out any improvements I can make. Therefore, without any further ado, here’s my current passive income! As a full time student athlete, I don’t get many hours at my part time job, so here’s a few ways I supplement the cashier wages:


eBesucher | Non-Ref – roughly 5 cents a day, I run a surfbar tab that automatically looks through sites. Do it in a browser you don’t normally use, minimise it, and forget!

Inbox Dollars | Non-Ref this site does not have a great rep, but if you set them as your default search engine you can make roughly 10 cents a week in addition to your 2 cents per email. They also give you $5 just for signing up



Mobile Performance Meter – 10 cents a day in some cities, 20 cents in others. You also get a monthly quick survey about your cell plan that pays a dollar. This is an app that just sends your data, entirely passive!

Mobile Experience Meter – 5 cents a day in my city, made by the same people as above, just as passive!

Nielsen Mobile Rewards – $1.09 a week, but takes a few weeks to start paying. Same idea as above, can run with performance meter

Slidejoy | Non-Ref– well known lockscreen app, shows me an ad when I open my phone, I get roughly 5$ a month from it

Adme (my code-vPTmE0i4BX)-same idea as above, I make 4$ a month. The two work flawlessly together. Use my code for a bonus!

FreeEats – A web service that pays you 1$ to sign up and sends you $0.25 every time they text you, approximately once a week.

This all adds up to $5.09 a week for me without really lifting a finger! Hopefully once I earn enough from these and my real job, I can invest in stocks and/or some real estate to get some more passive income cranking. Am I missing any good online methods? I’d love advice, so comment here. Until next time, I’m Steve and this is Keep on earning!



4 thoughts on “Passive Income”

  1. Congratulations! Presently I am earning $1.33 minimum a day completely passively, but I am no longer using Adme. They started to get glitchy, and did not reward me, so for my effort, they were not worth it.
    Presently I am looking into phone farming, I am really hesitant though.


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