Paid Lockscreens: the Ultimate Guide to Making Money From Your Phone’s Lockscreen

I drive past a billboard on my way to work each morning that always makes me think: who is getting paid to let a sign up? Someone owns that board, and for literally no work, they get passive income for letting an advertiser post on it. That kind of income seems like quite the set-up to me, so I was excited to learn I can do the same on my phone! After seeing articles online discussing this possibility, I decided to create my own comprehensive guide to the best paid lockscreen apps out there.

Paid lockscreen apps are simple: you download an app, and when you unlock your phone, the app shows you an ad which you can easily swipe away. In turn the app pays you on either a daily or monthly basis. Without further ado, here’s the list of one’s I’ve used, and my thoughts on each:

  1. Adme – My personal favourite lockscreen app. Adme shows me one ad on my phone screen, and I swipe right to unlock. Its very simple and pays roughly $3 per month for me. They also have a generous referral program that will give both you and I a bonus-you get to start with a free $3.00 balance! Use my code vPTmE0i4BX for the special bonus.
  2. Smores – Coming in at a close second is Smores! Another simple and profitable lockscreen. Smores pays you ten cents every day you unlock your phone at least once-this is a good advantage to balance out lockscreens that pay you per swipe, since it will pay you ten cents regardless of how much you use your phone that day. They also have a strong referral program that starts you off with $1.50 for using a referral code. Mine is U0GZQR if you’d like that bonus!
  3. Fronto – The third lockscreen app I’ve tried is Fronto. Fronto pays you 20 points-which equates to roughly a cent – every hour in which you unlock your phone. For me, that equates to about fifteen cents a day. Just like the other apps, you swipe right after viewing one ad! I like Fronto because it pays more if I happen to use my phone more that day, but given the nature of my student-employee lifestyle, there can be entire six hour stretches where I don’t use my phone, hurting earnings. They also let you customise your referral code for a personal touch 🙂 Use mine for a free 1250 points! STEVESINCOME
  4. Slidejoy – The last lockscreen app we’ll look at today is Slidejoy. The perks of Slidejoy are a long history of confirmed payments and a trustworthy reputation. Slidejoy invented the paid lockscreen business model, and continues to be one of the first recommendations for a paid lockscreen. Unfortunately, they have also leveraged this high reputation to pay lower earnings than the other three major paid lockscreens. Personally, I average out to $1.50 per month using Slidejoy. Its definitely worth having on my phone, but it’d be nice to be earning roughly $3 a month from each app. Their referral program is also weak. I haven’t seen any reward for referring others.

That’s all for this list. If you were to use all four of these apps, like I do, you could be pulling in $10.50 a month-for zero work! I’m starting to feel like a billboard owner myself.

Do you know any solid lockscreens? Have your experiences with these lockscreens differed from mine? Let me know in the comments section!

That’s all for this week. Stay tuned for more posts on setting up income streams and building your way to financial independence, one trickle of income at a time.

-stevesincomestreams, or @StevesStreams on Twitter!


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