Online Passive Income in 2017

Hey there income streamers! Last year I gave you guys a pretty comprehensive rundown of what I was using to earn income online. Its easy to see that a lot in the world has changed since then – economically, politically and socially. The world of online income is no different. Here are the services I’m using today, and how you can leverage them to your advantage as well.

  1. Lockscreens – As I wrote about last week, lockscreens are the primary way I earn online income. If you’re not interested in reading all of last week’s post, the main takeaway is that using the four most popular ones together (Adme, Smores, Fronto and Slidejoy) can earn you $10.50 a month! Check out the post for special referral codes that will give both you and me a bonus.
  2. ebesucher – ebesucher is a German autosurfing site that allows you to earn money simply for letting the site run in a separate tab. It can earn you as much as $3 a day and it takes no effort! I have found it to be consistent and trustworthy as an earner. Run it on multiple devices to earn even more!
  3. Mobile Performance Meter – Mobile Performance Meter is a data collection app which you install and consent to researchers observing how you operate your phone. It does not affect my battery life and pays a simple 10 cents per day. I enjoy it because its easy money for me, and I do not mind giving up that information, but you should definitely read through the terms and conditions to understand what you’re consenting to!
  4. Panel App – Panel App is an app for your phone which tracks where you travel and what businesses you visit. It will ask an occasional one question survey about your experience at the business. The questions are so easy that I consider this app passive, and I gain $35 a year using it!

Those are all the passive methods I have earning for me now. I’m hoping to explore pedometer apps that pay you to walk around and get fit. Do you have experience with these? What passive earning methods do you use in 2017? Let me know in the comments!


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