Grubhub vs Postmates as a Side Hustle

Hi there income streamers! I’ve invited thesimplebachelor to come talk about his experience side-hustling for courier apps. I find his insights valuable and I’ll be certain to add these apps to my weekly earner lineup for testing. Take a look!


A little while back I found myself in over my head with a monthly car payment. The bill just kept coming every month and I found it increasingly hard to keep up with the payments. So what does one do in this situation? They get a side hustle…fast!

Now what is a “side hustle” and why would you want one? A side hustle is basically a secondary job or business you have outside of your main job to supplement your income. 

Some take on a side hustle with the intention of replacing their full-time job. For example, one could replace their full time job if they start a successful business. Today, I will be sharing a more short-term and immediate side hustle you can start today that I have personally done myself.

They are called delivery/courier apps.

What are these delivery and courier apps? There are quite a few I will name, but I will mainly discuss the two I have personally done to give you a better idea of how they operate.


Grubhub is a great side hustle because they offer a few perks, such as priority scheduling and a minimum hourly pay rate. The on boarding process is fairly simple. You sign up to become a driver on GrubHub’s website, provide the necessary documents, and pick a date/time to attend an onboarding session.

When you attend an onboarding session you will be briefed on how the app and pay works, and be given delivery gear such as a company shirt and a hot/cold delivery bag. Grubhub is only for food delivery so be prepared to handle that accordingly!

Who Can Deliver For GrubHub?

Anyone with a car or a bike. You will have to specify which when signing up. In order to switch, you will need to email a GrubHub rep.

The Pay

Grubhub will pay an hourly minimum based on the city you deliver in. In New York for example, the guaranteed hourly minimum is $12. If you happen to make more than that rate in an hour between tips and delivery fees, you keep it all! There are conditions to receive that hourly minimum of course. 

You must accept a certain percentage of the deliveries you are offered during the block you work. Grubhub will provide you that information at the on boarding session, since every city is different. The pay is normally distributed via direct deposit on a set day the following week, for everything done the week before. 

Who GrubHub is NOT For

Grubhub has its perks when it comes to hourly pay, however the delivery hours are limited. In New York for example, you can only deliver between the hours of 8am – 11pm. Additionally, you must have a scheduled block to work or you can not deliver. 

Depending on your city, it may be easy or hard to get blocks to work. If you want an app similar to Uber that you can turn on any time and start working, Grubhub may not be for you. Which brings us to the next option:


Postmates was actually the first delivery app I tried. They have a similar sign up process as I explained with Grubhub, but there are a few differences on how the apps work. Postmates does not use scheduling and can be turned on at any time to start working.

With Postmates you can expect to deliver anything from a burrito at Chipotle, to a light fixture from Home Depot (I have done both.) It is essentially a mix of a courier and delivery app. 

You are given a “PEX card” at on boarding which is essentially a prepaid debit card used to purchase items being ordered by customers. The card can only be used to pick up a requested order, at which time Postmates will load the card with funds.

Who Can Deliver For Postmates?

Anyone with a car or a bike. Your delivery method is interchangeable within the app!

The Pay

Postmates does not offer a guaranteed hourly rate since it is based per-delivery. There is a delivery minimum you can make, mine was $4 per delivery not counting tip. 

Postmates will distribute your pay via direct deposit 4-7 days later for a single delivery day. In theory, you could be paid by Postmates multiple days in a row!

Who Postmates is NOT For:

Postmates is not for someone who is looking to make a garunteed amount or have set hours to work. It is also not for someone that wants to pick up orders already made up all the time. 

Unlike Grubhub, you may have to go and order the food when you recieve a request, which you pay for with the PEX card you are given.


Grubhub and Postmates are of course, not the only two delivery apps and can be done in tandem! 

There are other deliver/ courier apps such as DoorDash, Caviar, UberEats, etc. but I have decided to share the two I have actually done and know about to give you the best idea. 

Now get side-hustling!


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