Grubhub vs Postmates as a Side Hustle

Hi there income streamers! I’ve invited thesimplebachelor to come talk about his experience side-hustling for courier apps. I find his insights valuable and I’ll be certain to add these apps to my weekly earner lineup for testing. Take a look!


A little while back I found myself in over my head with a monthly car payment. The bill just kept coming every month and I found it increasingly hard to keep up with the payments. So what does one do in this situation? They get a side hustle…fast!

Now what is a “side hustle” and why would you want one? A side hustle is basically a secondary job or business you have outside of your main job to supplement your income. 

Some take on a side hustle with the intention of replacing their full-time job. For example, one could replace their full time job if they start a successful business. Today, I will be sharing a more short-term and immediate side hustle you can start today that I have personally done myself.

They are called delivery/courier apps.

What are these delivery and courier apps? There are quite a few I will name, but I will mainly discuss the two I have personally done to give you a better idea of how they operate.


Grubhub is a great side hustle because they offer a few perks, such as priority scheduling and a minimum hourly pay rate. The on boarding process is fairly simple. You sign up to become a driver on GrubHub’s website, provide the necessary documents, and pick a date/time to attend an onboarding session.

When you attend an onboarding session you will be briefed on how the app and pay works, and be given delivery gear such as a company shirt and a hot/cold delivery bag. Grubhub is only for food delivery so be prepared to handle that accordingly!

Who Can Deliver For GrubHub?

Anyone with a car or a bike. You will have to specify which when signing up. In order to switch, you will need to email a GrubHub rep.

The Pay

Grubhub will pay an hourly minimum based on the city you deliver in. In New York for example, the guaranteed hourly minimum is $12. If you happen to make more than that rate in an hour between tips and delivery fees, you keep it all! There are conditions to receive that hourly minimum of course. 

You must accept a certain percentage of the deliveries you are offered during the block you work. Grubhub will provide you that information at the on boarding session, since every city is different. The pay is normally distributed via direct deposit on a set day the following week, for everything done the week before. 

Who GrubHub is NOT For

Grubhub has its perks when it comes to hourly pay, however the delivery hours are limited. In New York for example, you can only deliver between the hours of 8am – 11pm. Additionally, you must have a scheduled block to work or you can not deliver. 

Depending on your city, it may be easy or hard to get blocks to work. If you want an app similar to Uber that you can turn on any time and start working, Grubhub may not be for you. Which brings us to the next option:


Postmates was actually the first delivery app I tried. They have a similar sign up process as I explained with Grubhub, but there are a few differences on how the apps work. Postmates does not use scheduling and can be turned on at any time to start working.

With Postmates you can expect to deliver anything from a burrito at Chipotle, to a light fixture from Home Depot (I have done both.) It is essentially a mix of a courier and delivery app. 

You are given a “PEX card” at on boarding which is essentially a prepaid debit card used to purchase items being ordered by customers. The card can only be used to pick up a requested order, at which time Postmates will load the card with funds.

Who Can Deliver For Postmates?

Anyone with a car or a bike. Your delivery method is interchangeable within the app!

The Pay

Postmates does not offer a guaranteed hourly rate since it is based per-delivery. There is a delivery minimum you can make, mine was $4 per delivery not counting tip. 

Postmates will distribute your pay via direct deposit 4-7 days later for a single delivery day. In theory, you could be paid by Postmates multiple days in a row!

Who Postmates is NOT For:

Postmates is not for someone who is looking to make a garunteed amount or have set hours to work. It is also not for someone that wants to pick up orders already made up all the time. 

Unlike Grubhub, you may have to go and order the food when you recieve a request, which you pay for with the PEX card you are given.


Grubhub and Postmates are of course, not the only two delivery apps and can be done in tandem! 

There are other deliver/ courier apps such as DoorDash, Caviar, UberEats, etc. but I have decided to share the two I have actually done and know about to give you the best idea. 

Now get side-hustling!


Weekly Earner #2 For August 2017: Freelancing on Reddit!

Hi there income streamers! I’m continuing the weekly earner series with a bit of an odd earner: freelancing on Reddit. I’ve been using /r/slavelabour, /r/signupsforpay, and /r/phoneverification for about a year now, picking up on various small tasks like data entry, writing and programming. I’ve enjoyed this method of earning a few bucks when I need it because the work is spontaneous; I can do some whenever I feel like and the tasks can all be completed within fifteen minutes. Furthermore, I can pick and choose what tasks I’d like to do by combing through all the posts of the past day.

The way it works is pretty simple. You create a profile on /r/SLRep that allows employers and freelancers to observe your reputation, and then you either make an [OFFER] post on /r/slavelabour describing your skills and soliciting tasks, or you comment on [TASK] posts that interest you and PM the poster. After contacting the poster, they’ll get back to you with details and you can choose to accept or decline the offer.

In my experience, the most important part of earning with this method is choosing the right tasks. It could be tempting to simply try and claim every offer you see and make as much as possible, but the truth is that most of the offers there are either by disreputable posters or not worth the time required. I’ve found that the only offers that make sense in terms of pay compared to time and effort required are phone verification tasks, easy signups at websites, and data entry. If you have programming knowledge, you can make some good money sending over snippets to junior coders, as many of the posts are simple programming questions that could be answered on Stack Overflow.

How much does it pay?

Most slavelabour offers range between 5 cents and 10 dollars per offer, depending on the type of task. That means that if you have relatively high-paying skills like programming and writing you can earn a nice per-hour rate compared to data entry offers. Phone verification usually runs about a dollar per verification, which is great for a fifteen second task of PMing some redditor a confirmation code you were texted. Signups for pay run between 10 cents and a dollar, so the higher paying ones are worth your time.

When can I get paid?

Usually instantly! I’ve seen posters there offer to pay by Paypal, venmo, bitcoin, and gift cards, so whichever payment method you prefer should get to you instantly upon completion.

Is it worth the time?

Like I said above, the niche skill slavelabour offers can be worth it, as well as phone verifications and easy sign ups that just require an email on signupsforpay. I’ve made about $15 in an hour of phone verification, which is nice for such low effort.

Can I turn it into a passive income stream?

Unfortunately, I don’t think this is possible. The tasks on slavelabour are too varied to set up a bot to complete them, and signupsforpay specifically exists to allow people to get human referrals for certain sites and apps. I suppose someone could try to set up a bot for phone verification, that is triggered by request posts in the subreddit and automatically requests a verification code and forwards the text to the poster, but I haven’t programmed with SMS before and I’d be frightened of breaking the ToS with my cell provider.

That’s all I have on freelancing on Reddit. All in all, I think it’s a nice way to earn some coffee money, but with this method you’re definitely working for pay, not setting up an income stream. Your time can most likely be invested better elsewhere.

Does anybody have any other ideas for weekly earners? I’m hoping to continue this series, so let me be your income guinea pig and try the earning methods you’re curious about. As always, stay earning income streamers, and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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Introducing the Weekly Earner Series!

Hey there income streamers!

In the past, I’ve usually introduced earning methods at random intervals, depending on when I got around to trying them. Recently I decided you all deserve better! So, from now, I am going to try a different earning method every week. Some I may keep up if they prove worth my time, and some I may drop, but I will definitely give each one a week. In the past weeks, I’ve told you all about Robinhood and apps and websites that let you earn on passive phones and computers. This week, I will be telling you all about my experience with Qmee.

Qmee is a browser extension that rewards you for searching certain terms that its sponsors pay for. You can search on search engines, shopping sites, and more. If you luck out and happen to search a rewarded term, qmee would add a list of rewarded results on the side of your search page, like you can see below:

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 8.40.29 AM.png

Now, unfortunately, this search result didn’t return any rewarded results but simply a discount code. If it were a rewarded result, it’d have something like 6 cents next to it. You simply click the link and browse the resulting page a little bit. Sometimes, they come both as paid rewards and with a discount code, so you can click it and actually get a great deal too!

How much does it pay?

I’ve earned 15 cents pay this week with Qmee, which is far less than what I’ve seen advertised by other users. Maybe they’ve started paying less recently, and they’re focusing more on discount codes. But I already have Honey for getting every discount code when I shop, so I wouldn’t be too engaged with that service.

When can I get paid?

Qmee fortunately has no withdrawal minimum, so you can claim what you’ve earned as soon as possible!

Is it worth the time?

Since its a relatively passive earner, I think Qmee is worth having on your browser. If you’re looking to earn more with Qmee, they do have a survey section, but I prefer to just install it and take the cents it gives me when I get lucky with a search.

Can I turn it into a passive income stream?

It already is! If I can keep up the pace of passively earning 15 cents a week with Qmee I’ll gladly add it to my ever-growing system of income streams.

In conclusion, Qmee is a nice way to earn a few bucks per year, but it is not the high-earning game changer I saw it advertised to be. It seems that I may have missed out on the golden days of Qmee earning, but I’m alright with that given its passive earning status. I would recommend it!

Do any of you have experience with Qmee? What earning methods do you want to see in the future? Is there more information you’d like about these methods? Let me know in the comments!

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How to Handle a Windfall

Hi there income streamers! I’ve been receiving some questions recently about a good problem to have. It appears some of us have been doing a great job earning and saving, and have happened upon an EXTRA chunk of change out of the blue! These surprises can come in the form of a class action settlement, bank bonuses, gifts, inheritances, and more. So what do you do with it?

For the regular Joe the answer is first paying down consumer debt. A guaranteed investment return of 10+%, which is a common interest rate for consumers debt, is a must-take every time. Once that is done, it’s important to establish an emergency fund at some sort of high interest rate bank like Ally. This fund should cover 2-3 months of living expenses. That way, you can achieve some financial stability in the face of uncertain economic times, and this security will aid both performance at work as well as avoiding panic-selling of stocks.

But, for the regulars here, you have done both these things, so the next option can seem like an easy answer: pour it into a retirement account. Every dollar saved is going to be an extra 4 cents of passive income every year and cuts out that much more working time thanks to financial independence. But many of you may have already maxed out your retirement accounts. So what next?

You have a couple options now. The money could go toward a post-tax brokerage account, earning 7% real return that is chopped a bit by a 15% capital gains tax. You could pay down a mortgage, but considering that mortgage interest rates can actually run below inflation, and that their payments can be a net positive when accounting for tax benefits, that may not make sense. A third option would be to invest in your earning potential, either through education and certifications or by starting a business.

Considering the size of the windfall, I think a great first step is to consider the options I present in How to Invest Less Than Fifty Dollars. Spending it on things that can save you money, like replacing lightbulbs or insulating your home, can have a 10+% return, beating pretty much every major form of investment! If your home and car are already running at peak efficiency, though, I think the next step is the third option mentioned above: investing in yourself. Taxes can eat up a majority of the returns on post tax investments, whereas training and certification opens up opportunities for a more satisfying and highly compensating career. If returning to school sounds scary to you, consider paying for just one class to dip your toes in. I’m sure that once you realise no one is judging you, you’ll pursue this savvy and satisying financial step.

To sum up, priorities for investing a windfall should be paying down consumer debt, establishing an emergency fund, maxing retirement funds, spending on cost reduction, career advancement, and THEN considering post-tax investment. This order provides the most stability and highest return.

Do you agree? Would anybody like to brag about their windfalls? Please let me know in the comments!

Why I enjoy working the weekends

Hi there income streamers! I thought I’d take a break from all of our money saving to talk about some money earning.

I’m currently juggling a full time internship as well as working an hourly job on the weekends. It’s lead to quite a busy summer, but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. I get bored when I’m idle! But some of you may be wondering – if I’m earning far more at my internship why am I bothering with weekend work at all?

I’m glad you asked! The first reason is that I have a great community at my weekend job that I’m not quite ready to leave just yet – I have made real friendships over my four years there and my boss treats me well. Second, that extra money each week actually makes a HUGE difference in my life – because it allows me to divorce working for savings and working for spending money.

I haven’t left for college yet, so luckily for me I’m able to live at home still and eat from the family fridge. This means that my only real expense at the moment is going out on the weekend – and the weekend money is more than enough to do that! As a result, I’m able to sock away 100% of my internship earnings, and I’m not even tempted to touch them since it’s in a totally different account than the one my weekend money goes toward.

I have grown fond of this model and plan to use it for a long time. Having one account for fun, and one account for savings, allows me to enjoy myself without worrying about spending while also never being tempted to withdraw from my savings. Once I become independent, I’ll probably set up a third account designated solely for bill paying, but I could definitely see myself keeping up a weekend job and letting myself spend that money entirely on fun. That allows me to keep fun in moderation and also let’s me link that movie ticket with exactly an hour and a half of hourly wages rather than a vague valuation based on a salary.

Do any of you hold side jobs, or designated accounts for fun? How could I earn more on the weekends and possibly start devoting some of that fun money to savings as well? Let me know in the comments!

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Q3 in Phone and Laptop Earning

Hi there income streamers! As I said yesterday, my goal is to eventually reach financial independence, meaning that I am hoping to set up enough passive income to cover my basic needs. Once I do that, a whole world of opportunities will open up to me, as I theoretically won’t have to work anymore; I can work for the sake of fulfillment and growth rather than survival. The main way I will do this is by investing in the stock and bond markets through some tax deferred accounts and some post-tax accounts if I have some left over; I’ll be sharing the specifics of this plan with you all later today!

For now, though, I wanted to talk to you all about some passive income streams that require no invested capital: phone and laptop earning. I first got into the world of passive income and blogging by discovering /r/beermoney and then realising that people could benefit from detailed guides on which services were scams and which ones paid, and on how to maximise earning while minimising effort. Over the past two years, I have tried dozens of beermoney services, but over time few have stuck with me as consistent earners worth the hassle. Here they are below:

  1. I have reduced the number of lockscreens on my phone from 4 to 3, due to SlideJoys decreased earnings. They now include Adme, Smores, and Fronto. I may get rid of Fronto as well, due to their app’s buggy behaviour. Use my Amde code, vPTmE0i4BX, and Smores code U0GZQR, for bonuses. At the moment, the lockscreens earn me about $10 per month – the equivalent to owning $750 worth of stock paying a 4% quarterly dividend! I’ll take that kind of earning any day.
  2. Robinhood is a fee-free stock trading app that is a great way to put those lockscreen earnings to work! I wrote up a brief description of some strategies a few days ago if you’d like some tips to get started. Use my link for a free stock!
  3. Lastly, ebesucher is still chugging away for me, earning $10 a month without any work on my part. It is a surfbar site, where you open a tab in their site and then minimise it and let it run in the background. Ebesucher will automatically visit various paid advertisers who are trying to get their page visits up, but you don’t need to actually look at the sites that the tab visits. Easy passive income!

Those are the earning methods I’ve found useful enough to keep on my phone and laptop lately. How are you all earning side income? Do you know of any apps or sites I should check out? Let me know in the comments, and as always, stay earning streamers!

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Time for a Personal Finance Workout!

Hi there income streamers!

As many of you know, I’m a passionate track athlete. One thing I love about track is the permanence of every step forward – if you can run a 60 second 400 in a workout, you can immediately attempt a 59 second 400, and then a 58, and so on. It may take a quite a while to get down to your next goal – and in fact, if things don’t go right you may even slow down before getting there. But mentally, knowing you ran that 60 second lap once, allows you to know you can squeeze just a little more speed out on your next attempt – and that extra push can make all the difference when it comes down to the last lap of a mile.

I also like to push my finances in the same way! I find that issuing myself “challenges”, and then allowing them to become part of my normal routine, and then pushing the envelope a little more on the next challenge, helps me really turbocharge my saving and my earning. As a result, I’ve got a challenge for all my income streamers that starts right now.

Earn an extra $50 this week. I don’t care if you’re already earning $10,000 a week, or are living in your parents’ basement hanging out. I promise there’s some way to squeeze in an extra $50 income, and I will be attempting to do this alongside you guys as well!

For me, I’ve got a couple ideas on how I might make an extra fifty:

  1. I’ve been looking at some of the bank account bonuses at doctorofcredit – this may knock out my entire fifty if I can find one that has a low minimum deposit.
  2. If that fails, I may try to pick up an extra 5 hours at my side job cashiering. But that’s pretty boring, and I like to have creative earning methods to report back on.
  3. Plan C is to combine a lot of the phone and earning methods I’ve recommended – if I can earn two dollars with QMEE, withdraw some of the lockscreen earnings I’ve made, and withdraw some ebesucher earnings, I bet I could knock out about $30 of income right there.
  4. I’ll probably rummage through my room for items I can sell on Craigslist – I doubt I have anything given my generally anti-clutter attitude, but I’ll be sure to look around!
  5. Lastly, I will probably give some survey sites a whirl – I’d love to hear any suggestions on other sites to try!

And what do I want you all to do with this extra income, you may be wondering? Make it work for you! Every dollar you earn can be converted into a little income stream of its own, whether that’s through stock investing like I wrote about two days ago, or by buying items that will save you money in the long run, like efficient light bulbs or a Kindle.

As always, stay earning streamers, and feel free to comment here throughout the week on your progress with the challenge!