Weekly Earner #2 For August 2017: Freelancing on Reddit!

Hi there income streamers! I’m continuing the weekly earner series with a bit of an odd earner: freelancing on Reddit. I’ve been using /r/slavelabour, /r/signupsforpay, and /r/phoneverification for about a year now, picking up on various small tasks like data entry, writing and programming. I’ve enjoyed this method of earning a few bucks when I need it because the work is spontaneous; I can do some whenever I feel like and the tasks can all be completed within fifteen minutes. Furthermore, I can pick and choose what tasks I’d like to do by combing through all the posts of the past day.

The way it works is pretty simple. You create a profile on /r/SLRep that allows employers and freelancers to observe your reputation, and then you either make an [OFFER] post on /r/slavelabour describing your skills and soliciting tasks, or you comment on [TASK] posts that interest you and PM the poster. After contacting the poster, they’ll get back to you with details and you can choose to accept or decline the offer.

In my experience, the most important part of earning with this method is choosing the right tasks. It could be tempting to simply try and claim every offer you see and make as much as possible, but the truth is that most of the offers there are either by disreputable posters or not worth the time required. I’ve found that the only offers that make sense in terms of pay compared to time and effort required are phone verification tasks, easy signups at websites, and data entry. If you have programming knowledge, you can make some good money sending over snippets to junior coders, as many of the posts are simple programming questions that could be answered on Stack Overflow.

How much does it pay?

Most slavelabour offers range between 5 cents and 10 dollars per offer, depending on the type of task. That means that if you have relatively high-paying skills like programming and writing you can earn a nice per-hour rate compared to data entry offers. Phone verification usually runs about a dollar per verification, which is great for a fifteen second task of PMing some redditor a confirmation code you were texted. Signups for pay run between 10 cents and a dollar, so the higher paying ones are worth your time.

When can I get paid?

Usually instantly! I’ve seen posters there offer to pay by Paypal, venmo, bitcoin, and gift cards, so whichever payment method you prefer should get to you instantly upon completion.

Is it worth the time?

Like I said above, the niche skill slavelabour offers can be worth it, as well as phone verifications and easy sign ups that just require an email on signupsforpay. I’ve made about $15 in an hour of phone verification, which is nice for such low effort.

Can I turn it into a passive income stream?

Unfortunately, I don’t think this is possible. The tasks on slavelabour are too varied to set up a bot to complete them, and signupsforpay specifically exists to allow people to get human referrals for certain sites and apps. I suppose someone could try to set up a bot for phone verification, that is triggered by request posts in the subreddit and automatically requests a verification code and forwards the text to the poster, but I haven’t programmed with SMS before and I’d be frightened of breaking the ToS with my cell provider.

That’s all I have on freelancing on Reddit. All in all, I think it’s a nice way to earn some coffee money, but with this method you’re definitely working for pay, not setting up an income stream. Your time can most likely be invested better elsewhere.

Does anybody have any other ideas for weekly earners? I’m hoping to continue this series, so let me be your income guinea pig and try the earning methods you’re curious about. As always, stay earning income streamers, and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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Introducing the Weekly Earner Series!

Hey there income streamers!

In the past, I’ve usually introduced earning methods at random intervals, depending on when I got around to trying them. Recently I decided you all deserve better! So, from now, I am going to try a different earning method every week. Some I may keep up if they prove worth my time, and some I may drop, but I will definitely give each one a week. In the past weeks, I’ve told you all about Robinhood and apps and websites that let you earn on passive phones and computers.┬áThis week, I will be telling you all about my experience with Qmee.

Qmee is a browser extension that rewards you for searching certain terms that its sponsors pay for. You can search on search engines, shopping sites, and more. If you luck out and happen to search a rewarded term, qmee would add a list of rewarded results on the side of your search page, like you can see below:

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 8.40.29 AM.png

Now, unfortunately, this search result didn’t return any rewarded results but simply a discount code. If it were a rewarded result, it’d have something like 6 cents next to it. You simply click the link and browse the resulting page a little bit. Sometimes, they come both as paid rewards and with a discount code, so you can click it and actually get a great deal too!

How much does it pay?

I’ve earned 15 cents pay this week with Qmee, which is far less than what I’ve seen advertised by other users. Maybe they’ve started paying less recently, and they’re focusing more on discount codes. But I already have Honey for getting every discount code when I shop, so I wouldn’t be too engaged with that service.

When can I get paid?

Qmee fortunately has no withdrawal minimum, so you can claim what you’ve earned as soon as possible!

Is it worth the time?

Since its a relatively passive earner, I think Qmee is worth having on your browser. If you’re looking to earn more with Qmee, they do have a survey section, but I prefer to just install it and take the cents it gives me when I get lucky with a search.

Can I turn it into a passive income stream?

It already is! If I can keep up the pace of passively earning 15 cents a week with Qmee I’ll gladly add it to my ever-growing system of income streams.

In conclusion, Qmee is a nice way to earn a few bucks per year, but it is not the high-earning game changer I saw it advertised to be. It seems that I may have missed out on the golden days of Qmee earning, but I’m alright with that given its passive earning status. I would recommend it!

Do any of you have experience with Qmee? What earning methods do you want to see in the future? Is there more information you’d like about these methods? Let me know in the comments!

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